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12th January, 2021.

Delays in sending and recieving orders.

Unfortunately, due to Covid, and to a lesser extent Brexit, it is inevitable that there will be delays in getting orders out and in some cases actually receiving parcels once they have been dispatched for the immediate future. Customers should be aware that, due to circumstances beyond our control, we will only be open 3 days per week until further notice and in closed periods we will be unable to answer email or take technical questions by telephone. We will aim to keep disruption to a minimum during this time and your orders will still be going out as fast as we can move them! And no, we do NOT have Covid, and yes, we are tested regularly, so you can still shop with confidence!

Brexit, or more to the point, the Brexit deal with the EU, has thrown up a few unexpected issues in terms of moving large or expensive items overseas, in as much as many courier companies are having hissy-fits with export paperwork problems, and have effectively thrown in the towel until they can get their collective act's together. Normal overseas mail is sent through the excellent Royal Mail Airmail system and is at this time uneffected, however I need to reitterate that delays are inevitable and it is wise to pay the extra shipping costs to get your orders tracked, so at least you will know where your parcel is at any given time should there be a delay in delivery.

All the Best - and STAY SAFE!

4th November, 2020.

Covid-19 UK Lockdown.

Well, here we go again! The UK goes back into lockdown tomorrow for a month in the hope of slowing down the spread of this horrible disease. I would just like to reassure all of our customers that DS Solutions will be working as normal - or as near normal as possible - during the lockdown. Orders will be processed and dispatched as normal, just be aware that as per the last lockdown there will almost certainly be unforeseen delays in transit, both within the UK and overseas, over which we will have no control. Please be understanding if your items are not with you the day after you place the order! We strongly recommend paying the extra on your shipping (UK = Signed For, Overseas = Tracked & Signed) - we make nothing on the extra postage by the way - it may not expedite a parcel's arrival, but at least you will have some visibility of where your items are if they are slow in getting to you.

Lastly - controversial statement but I have to say it - Covid does not care who you are or what your problems are. If you can't play football, have a party or see your mates down the pub then deal with it! It's only a couple of months, you have the rest of your lives to catch up on what you have missed. Those people who are dying from it don't have that choice, and our exhausted NHS workers who are working like Trojans to save lives need everyone to take a sensible pill and take as much pressure off as we can. And I for one look forward to a time when we can shake hands again, hug a friend or be jostled in a crowd and get mildly irritated by it, without having to worry about catching or passing on something that you can't see, and the sooner we get this under control the better for everyone.

It's not about YOU, it's about US.

Stay safe and be considerate please!

Please Read! Covid-19 Pandemic, Delivery and Posting Updates

21st October, 2020.

Worldwide post is now less chaotic than it was in May, however in some cases parcels are still taking far longer than normal to reach certain destinations. If you have not sidestepped the 'Tracked' shipping option then you should be able to track your package, however if the package is shown as having left the UK but has not yet appeared on your national post website this will be because it is sitting in Customs at your border awaiting clearance. There is nothing that you or I can do about that I am sorry to say - although someone should put a rocket up Canadian Customs as they seem extraodinarily slow! If, after a few days of placing your order, you have not had notification of your parcel being dispatched, please check your spam folder before contacting us, as in the majority of cases that is where the notification from the website with your tracking number will be found sulking!

All the Best - and stay safe!


Be safe, stay well!


Repro, LEFT HANDED Sniper Cheek Piece (Walnut) for No4(T) & L42A1 Rifle

Repro, LEFT HANDED Sniper Cheek Piece (Walnut) for No4(T) & L42A1 Rifle

These are reproduction sniper cheek pieces for the Enfield No4(T) or L42A1 rifle, but these have ..


Repro, LEFT HANDED Sniper Cheek Piece (Beech) for No4(T) & L42A1 Rifle

Repro, LEFT HANDED Sniper Cheek Piece (Beech) for No4(T) & L42A1 Rifle

These are reproduction sniper cheek pieces for the Enfield No4(T) or L42A1 rifle, but these have ..


Reproduction Return Spring Nut (Butt) Spanner for L1A1 SLR & FN FAL

Reproduction Return Spring Nut (Butt) Spanner for L1A1 SLR & FN FAL

Officially titled 'Tool, Removing Return Spring Mk1' these are the standard issue Armourers too..


STEN Silencer Wraparound Hand Guard, Khaki (Repro)

STEN Silencer Wraparound Hand Guard, Khaki (Repro)

These are reproduction, canvas, wraparound hand guards for the STEN Mk2(S), Mk5(S) and Mk6, silenced..


L1A1 SLR, Armourers Gas Plug Housing Reamer.

L1A1 SLR, Armourers Gas Plug Housing Reamer.

These are original British Armourers tools for reaming the gas plug housings on L1A1 SLR rifles.Thes..


Original, Foresight Cramp No4 for Rifles No5 (Jungle Carbine)

Original, Foresight Cramp No4 for Rifles No5 (Jungle Carbine)

This is an original British Issue 'Cramp Foresight Adjusting No4 for Rifles No5'. The adjusting tool..


Original, Spring & Follower Assemblies for the No4 Rifle Magazine

Original, Spring & Follower Assemblies for the No4 Rifle Magazine

These are original Magazine Spring & Follower assemblies for the .303" Rifle No4 (all Marks) ..


Combination Tool for M20 3.5" Bazooka

Combination Tool for M20 3.5" Bazooka

These are original, US manufacture, combination tools for the M20 series 3.5" 'Super Bazooka' anti-t..


British Issue Oil Bottle Mk5 ('Chocolate' Brown Plastic)

British Issue Oil Bottle Mk5 ('Chocolate' Brown Plastic)

These are original, British Army issue, Mk.V Oil Bottles. These are the first version of this bottle..


STEN Replacement Trigger Spring

STEN Replacement Trigger Spring

These are new made replacement 'Springs, Trigger' for all marks of STEN Machine Carbine.The springs ..


STEN Replacement Return Spring

STEN Replacement Return Spring

These are new made replacement return springs for all marks of STEN Machine Carbines (with the excep..


STEN Cap, Return Spring (Repro)

STEN Cap, Return Spring (Repro)

These are reproduction 'Cap, Spring, Return' for all Marks of 9mm STEN Machine Carbines.These caps a..


DS Solutions Militaria - Specialist Supplier of Small Arms Accessories, Parts & Products


30th January, 2020

Stoneleigh Militaria 2020.

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we will be stalling at the Stoneleigh Militaria show this weekend, as previously flagged up. We will be departing tomorrow and not back until Monday 3rd of February, which means of course that any orders placed from now until Monday will not be dispatched until Tuesday the 4th at the earliest. Apologies for any inconvenience, but I just can't be in two places at once!

We are looking forward to seeing you there and will be taking our full range of stock. Arriving on the day of the show we should have the latest batch of our repro Mk2 No8 Cases for the No32 Telescope. Originals of these cases are next to impossible to find and are horrendously expensive when they do come onto the market. We think that you will be impressed by our reproduction cases - we have had to mark them so that we don't end up buying them back in the future as 'real' ones! Also coming at the same time will be our repro leather SMLE slings and US '07 Pattern slings for the No4(T). Well worth a look - and made in the UK to exacting standards and not some cheaply made and vaguely similar import!

20th January, 2020

Back Online!

A little later than expected, we are now back online with a new hard drive and software. We have literally just gone back 'live' (16.30 UK time) so apologies to anyone waiting a response to an email enquiry, or waiting for their order to be processed and posted out. I will get to you as soon as possible but it may be another day or two yet as we are still uploading software and putting everything back where it should be as well as trying to clear the orders and answer your emails. Fear not! We have not forgotten you and we are not ignoring you.

Thanks for everyone's patience.

14th January, 2020

A Belated Happy New Year and an announcement.

Firstly, a Happy New Year to everyone. Apologies for the belated nature of this but I personally spent the Christmas holidays with man-flu and was not in a fit state to do it at the time!

System Upgrade. Please be aware that we are upgrading our hardware and operating system this week. As of the evening of Wednesday the 15th January, 2020 we will be offline and unable to process orders or answer email until Monday the 20th January! It is possible that we will be back before then, however to be sure - and hopefully 'glitch free' - I will say Monday. The website will still be there and available to take orders, however you will not get notification of us processing them until we are back up and running and can actually see them! Apologies for any inconvenience caused. For the same reason, should you email us during this period with queries, praise (or abuse!) we will not be able to see them or to reply. "Surely" I hear you say, "you must have other devices which could handle this???". To which I can only say no, I am a dinosaur and handling one computer takes all of the brain cells that I have, another would just cause me to melt down - so please be patient.

Stoneleigh Militaria Show. We will be stalling at the Stoneleigh Militaria Show on Sunday the 2nd of February. If you have been before then you will know what to expect, if not then please visit; for details. This is an excellent event and a personal favourite - largely because it is in a well lit and warm hall with plenty of good facilities (if you get my drift?) so no matter what the weather is doing there is no need to wrap up like Nanouk of the North or risk frostbite visiting the 'facilities'! We will as usual be dragging far too much stock with us, so please come and visit. We are in the 'lower' hall and when you need to find us then look somewhere in the middle for our yellow flag. If you are coming to see us for something in particular, especially if it is on the unusual side, then please email us the week before the show to ensure that we actually take that item with us. We always have to precis the stock to physically get it into the vehicle so don't come away disappointed for the sake of an email. We look forward to seeing you there.

9th November, 2019

FN FAL/X1 SLR Trials Pattern 'Horseshoe Clips' and other new items

Amongst the many new items of stock that we have recently bought in (some of which may actually make it onto the website at some time in the near future!), we are very pleased to announce that we have stumbled upon a number of trials pattern ammunition clips for the FN FAL/X1 SLR! Quite how these have survived for the 63 years since the trials finished is I am sure a story in itself, however survive they have - and in remarkable condition. Get them while you can, a 'must have' item for any serious SLR or FAL collector.

We have had numerous requests recently for more SLR SUIT sight top cover mounts - which we sold out of remarkably quickly last time. More are on the way and we hope to have them at the show next week at Malvern. Several have been pre set aside already so if we make it out of the showground with any left please check the website on Wednesday the 20th on November to see whether there are any still available. I am sorry to say that we are sold out of L2 SUIT sights for the moment, and although there are more being reconditioned at the moment it is likely to be some way into the New Year before these are ready. This is also true of reproduction sniper rifle chests, both No.15 chests for the No4(T), and L42A1 chests.

We have managed to acquire a small number of original SMLE Mk3 magazine cutoff plates which I will be adding to the website today - albeit with some ancient and not best quality pictures I am sorry to say - at least until I can get some new and better pictures taken. It is several years since we have been able to get hold of any quantity of these so we are pleased to be able to offer them again.

We have managed to restock with the 10 round AK/SKS charger clips again after a considerable period out of stock and these are now live on the website again. Our potential shortage of AK47 slings and BFA's has also been averted and we now hold good stocks of these once more. We are hoping to collect in the next few days more double pullthroughs and also STEN mainsprings and some new made 'Caps, Return Spring' for the STEN which have been next to impossible to find for some time now. Also in this potential pile of stuff are some original BREN slings. More on all of these after Malvern.

The Malvern Show will be held at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern on Sunday the 17th of November. If you can attend, especially if you have not done so before, I would highly recommend it! A large number of dealers will be there and a vast array of stock to delight you no matter what your interests. Add to that the experience of all that is best in the architecture of modern cow sheds, and what could be better! Hopefully it will not be snowing inside the sheds this year! For more information please visit;

Please note that due to the preparation for the show, and the recovery of everything after the show, that orders placed through the website after midday on Thursday 14th of November will not be dispatched until Wednesday the 20th of November at the earliest. We apologise for any inconvenience, but I can only be in one place at any one time.

Lastly for the moment, tomorrow is of course Rememberance Sunday in the UK. We should never forget the sacrifices made by previous generations - or the current generation - in our Armed Forces to preserve the freedoms that we all hold dear. Wear your poppy with pride and please take a moment to pay your respects in your own way.

27th September, 2019

Sniper Cheek Pieces are now back in stock!

In the last month, since the end of Military Odyssey, we have been flat out filling orders and trying to keep up with demand. My apologies to anyone who's email has not been answered - or at least not promptly - I do try to give everyone an answer in a timely manner, but there are only so many hours in a day and sometimes things do slip! I would say that if you are looking for something then please try to be as specific as possible. If time is short then it is a lot easier to answer an email which says "do you have a whamble flange for a Peruvian 3 inch Ballista?" than it is to answer one that says "what spares do you have for Allied weapons of all calibres from 1900 to 2019" or even "my Grandfather had a gun of some sort in the first World War - do you have one of these?"!

In the rush to get orders out several new (and in some cases items that have been sitting around for a long time) have not yet made it onto the website purely because I have not had time to get them listed and photographed. Included in this are the new reproduction No8 Mk2 cases for the No32 Telescopes, which are now being made for us. I started with 4 of these at the Odyssey show (more are on their way) and I currently only have 1 remaining. You may have seen them on sniper forums recently, if not then look them up. Even by the normal standards of our repro items I must say that these are outstanding! As and when I get the time these will be the first new item to be listed, so watch this space.

Just time for a couple more notes. Military Odyssey was again this year the 'stand out' show of the season. A big thank you to James, Roger and the Odyssey staff for making this show a pleasure to do. And an even bigger thank you to my own crew, Andy, Paul and Michelle, for making it all possible. And I will get an air conditioned tent one day guys!

We are currently awaiting the next batch of Enfield striker removal tools, these should be with us in the next couple of weeks, ditto the repro P'14 Volley Sight pointer sets and several other 'best sellers' that have recently run out and we are trying to replace.

And lastly, we will be stalling next at Malvern on Sunday the 17th of November at the 3 Counties Show Ground. We look forward to seeing you there.

5th August, 2019

Lee Enfield striker wrenches - now back in stock!

We have just received a limited number of these and they are now back 'live' on the website. A further batch of these is in production now and it is hoped that by the end of September we will have enough of these tools that we will not run out of them again for a considerable period. Also relisted recently are Lee Enfield cleaning kits in tins. We are having a push at the moment to get more of our items listed on the website. Always an uphill task when your computer skills are of the 'one finger typing' variety! 5 new items went on last night, and several more are just awaiting pictures, including the Lee Enfield bolt head wrenches mentioned previously, the SLR flash eliminator spanners and M14 magazine chargers, so keep an eye on the front page for updates.

2nd July, 2019

I thought it about time for a quick update as I have some show announcements and some new stock updates.

Firstly the bad news! Due to price increases to us for beech timber, I have been forced to increase the price of the beech reproduction sniper cheek pieces with immediate effect. These will now be priced the same as the walnut ones at £28 each. Once again we have temporarily run out of the walnut version, but more are on their way in the near future. The good news is that we have sufficient stocks of walnut to see us through for a considerable amount of time, so the price on these will stay as it is until further notice.

We recently managed to near bankrupt ourselves with a substantial buy of Enfield spares, so I have been able to switch back on some old friends which we had run out of. Certain spares are still in short supply, but we will do our best to keep supplies coming in as long as the stuff is there to buy. Who knows, perhaps one day I will find the time to actually get on the website everything that we have for sale! In other words, whilst certain items are next to impossible to source right now, if you do not see it on the website please do not assume that we do not have it! It is always worth an e-mail to ask.

Ditto magazines. As you may be aware we are precluded from advertising magazines on the website (see below reference Pay-Pal), but we do have a decent stock of magazines, including both original and new made magazines for the No4 rifle, original magazines for the SMLE (and odd magazines for earlier versions of the Lee Enfield and Lee Metford), STEN mags, Browning Hi-Power mags, M1 Carbine mags etc etc. And for anyone who might own a Vickers-Berthier LMG, we even have a couple of original VB mags!

Also back in stock - for the moment at least - are SLR SUIT sight mounts. In the next couple of months we also hope to have some L2A2 SUIT sights for sale. These are being rebuilt as I type this, although it is not a fast process so they will probably come on stream around the start of September - watch this space.

New items in production now and available soon include Armourers tools for Lee-Enfield rifles in the form of bolt head wrenches for SMLE and No4 series rifles, 'third hand' tools for Browning Hi-Power pistols (to stop the hammer breaking fingers when you remove the sear!) and hammer spring stripping tools to safely take the tension off of the hammer spring while you remove the pin and retaining nut (or replace them). We are also having made L1A1 SLR flash eliminator wrenches. Lee Enfield striker removal tools are also on order and we hope to have these useful little tools back in the very near future.

Other new items which have not yet made it to the website include AK47 cleaning rods, AK74 butt trap cleaning kits, Moisin Nagant slings, some NOS WW2 dated STEN slings, BREN Mk2 combination tools, Bren gas cylinder cleaning rods and brushes (both Mk1M & Mk2), BREN foresight blade sets, BREN small parts tins, original M1 Carbine butt plates, repro Vickers tool kit small parts boxes (outstanding!), used No4 rifle brass butt plates, SMLE nosecaps (at least 4 different patterns), 7.62mm Indian SMLE extractors, No4 Mk2 trigger guards, SMLE trigger guards, NOS L34A1 (Mk5) Silent Sterling hand guards, 1939 Emergency Pattern Leather ammunition pouches (Mk3 - modified for STEN mags), Fig 11 'running man' target facings....the list goes on!

News on upcoming shows;

We will be stalling this coming weeking at Capel near Dorking in Surrey. It is a lovely show. Family friendly with lots to do and see. Definitely use a Satnav to get there! But it is well worth a visit and I recommend it highly. Further details can be found here;

We have decided this year that we WILL NOT be stalling at the War & Peace Show! Whether this is the right decission or not remains to be seen, but the time and effort involved, and the outlay to be there in terms of money have decided me to give it a miss this year. Apologies to those who normally make for the pitch!

We will be stalling at Military Odyssey at Detling in Kent over the August Bank Holiday weekend. This is one of our favourite shows and definitely one of the best organised that I have ever attended. James and Roger Aslett - kudos! Further details to follow nearer the time but information on the show can be found here;

31st May, 2019

Normandy - 75th Anniversary of D-Day.

We will be attending the commemoration of D-Day in Normandy over the next week and will be unable to post orders out or answer e-mail. We apologise for any inconvenience and the lack of notice, however this opportunity has only recently become available and there will not be another 75th Anniversary again so I do not intend to miss it. Hopefully whilst there we will be able to buy some new items for the website as well as having a good time! 

25 October, 2018

We have recently added to our stock in the form of reproduction Front Volley Sight Pointer Arms for the MkIII SMLE and reproduction SMLE Extractor Spring Tools, both of which are now live on the website. There are also a number of new items awaiting me to upload them to the website so keep an eye open for them over the next couple of weeks. In our line of museum quality reproduction items we will be offering Vickers MMG spares box small parts tins and Front Volley Sight Pointer Arms for the .303" P'14 Rifles. In original spares we will be offering Mk1 Bren Gun magazine opening covers and full sets of Mk3 foresight blades for the Bren Gun in addition to an increasing selection of other Bren spares recently acquired. We will also be adding Mk2 Sten cocking handles to our Sten spares. Lots more items waiting for me to sort, photograph and describe, so keep checking back!

Lastly, in an effort to make our books website ( somewhat more user friendly than it is now, we hope to completely upgrade the website in the next couple of months and get much more of our books stock online. I am looking forward to that (although not the hours of uploading for me that it involves!) and there will be further announcements on that as we make progress.

All the Best,


06 November, 2017

WELCOME, to our all shiny and new website!


We hope that you will be delighted with it and will soon be scooting around it and finding lots of new and interesting things within it's pages.

Steve, our web-wizard chap, who has built this webshop for us (nice bloke with a disconcerting habit of wearing a big pointy hat with stars on it), assures us that the level of encryption and security of this new website is state of the art, as opposed to our last one which was getting to the stage of being just a 'state'. Not our fault I may add, just an old system that the 5 year olds that actually run the web couldn't be bothered to write new programs for any more. Unfortunately the knock on effect of this is that we are unable to directly transfer accounts across from the old website to this one! Consequently to log on to this website you will need to create a new account and password. Sorry about that but there is nothing that we can do about it. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

This website in addition to looking very different has a number of new features which we hope you will find useful.

  • Google translate is here, so that if your first language is not English, by clicking in you can see what we have to say in your language of choice (or nearest equivalent bearing in mind how much translation programmes struggle with technical terms)
  • Articles; Click into Articles on the right of the top tool bar to see a range of guides and explanatory pieces writen by us to hopefully make life a little easier. (Any suggestions for further articles that you would like to see will always be given consideration, just let me know what you would like to see).
  • The website is now optimised for use on a 'phone or tablet. Personally I have no idea what this means, but Steve tells me that it is a good thing so I will take his word on that.

There are many additional features still to explore, and no doubt as I work out what they all are they will gradually appear - and most likely baffle me even more than I am now! Watch this space.

I hope that you enjoy the new website, and rummage around to find the new items added in the last few days. My apologies to anyone who has written in the last week or so and not had a response but I have been flat out finding my way around the new site and populating it with as much as I can ready for today's launch. I will endevour to catch up in the next week or so with any mail that I have missed.

Lastly, although I have checked through as much as I can, there are bound to be things that I have missed or things that don't quite work as they should. If you come across such things then please hit the 'Contact Us' button at the bottom of the page and let me know and I will do my best to get it sorted straight away.




Do you have something to sell?

We are looking for Lee-Enfield spares, accessories and tools. If you have any of these surplus to your needs sitting around gathering dust why not speak to us about converting them into cash. We are usually more interested in quantities than individual pieces, but anything will be considered.

Please Contact Us and let us know what you have. The more detail you can give us the better, if you have part numbers better still. Please include how much you would like for your treasure, but be aware that we are buying to sell on and we do need to eat sometimes!

If you have other British or American spares, accessories or tools we will of course give these consideration as well if the deal makes sense.

Hope to hear from you.

20 06 2015

Re- Pay-Pal Payments - Update

We now appear to have resolved our dispute with Pay-Pal and so business now resumes as normal (or near normal) for the forseeable future.

You will note that our website now no longer contains any magazines or similar which will take more than 10 rounds. This restriction on our business has been imposed on us by Pay-Pal. Whilst we are forced to comply with this we would like to point out that we greatly resent this interferance with our legal business!

To clarify matters, we do still sell magazines such as genuine WW2 M1 Carbine 15 round magazines and the 30 round 5.56mm 'E-Mag' by Mag-Pul, however we can no longer advertise these on our website or accept payment for them through Pay-Pal. If you require any magazine which holds more than 10 rounds please contact us by e-mail and we will be happy to furnish details of our products in this line and how we can be paid for them without upsetting any 3rd party.

It is possible that further restrictions will be imposed on us in the future. Despite asking clear and pertinant questions of Pay-Pal as to what they regard as acceptable, the best that they can give us is 'certain firearms parts'. If you can interpret that then you are clearly endowed with powers not granted to us mere mortals.

DS Military Books

The transfer of all our books and paperwork to the new DS Military Books website is now completed. The transfer enables us to control these items better and also allows you to purchase using Debit & Credit Cards directly through the website without the rigmarole of having to go through Pay-Pal. Something that we cannot do on this website unfortunately due to the attitude of UK Banks to militaria!

Our stock of specialist books continues to grow, so please pop across and browse what we have to offer.


 Replacement, Lee Enfield, Striker Wrench

Replacement, Lee Enfield, Striker Wrench

These are new made striker wrenches for all but a few (early) Lee Enfield bolt action rifles, includ..


Reproduction, Tool Adjusting No32 Telescope Mk's 1 & 2

Reproduction, Tool Adjusting No32 Telescope Mk's 1 & 2

These are reproduction tools for adjusting Telescopes Straight Sighting No32, Mk's 1 and 2 as fitted..


Reproduction, Extractor Tool, Spring, No1 - for MLM, MLE and SMLE Series Rifles

Reproduction, Extractor Tool, Spring, No1 - for MLM, MLE and SMLE Series Rifles

These are reproduction, Armourers Extractor Spring Tools for Rifles Magazine Lee Metford (MLM), Maga..


Original, P'14, Rear Volley Sight Arm

Original, P'14, Rear Volley Sight Arm

These are original rear peep sight apertures for P'14 Rifle long range volley sights.As originally p..


No.4 & No.5 Rifle Trigger

No.4 & No.5 Rifle Trigger

These are original unissued triggers for No.4 Rifles.They are for all Mks of No4 Rifle. These are al..


Unopened Box of 10 Original Lee Enfield Front T/Gd Screw Collars

Unopened Box of 10 Original Lee Enfield Front T/Gd Screw Collars

These are original, unopened stores boxes of 10, collars for the front trigger guard screws of ..


No.4 Rifle, Hinged Nosecap Band (Band Upper)

No.4 Rifle, Hinged Nosecap Band (Band Upper)

These are original hinged nosecap bands (also refered to as 'Bands, Upper' or 'front bands') for the..